Morning Rituals

Morning rituals which help set me up for the day!

Ever since adopting my now 12 year old Shetland Sheepdog, Keaton, morning dog walks (and runs) have been part of my daily routine. We’ve been very lucky living next to either Hackney Marshes or Victoria Park, so there’s always been somewhere green and leafy to gently wake up too. As a freelancer, this replaces my morning commute but even when I was working full time, I would enjoy these walks before heading off to work. It’s a time of the day where I can reflect and relax before the working day starts.

I also try and spend some time meditating. As someone who tends to hoard a lot of “mental clutter”, my meditation time is a sanctuary. Combining this with breath awareness helps keep me in the moment and sometimes, if I’m lucky, bring clarity to any given situation (though usually after a million thoughts have whizzed by!).

To accompany my walks and meditation, I am also a huge advocate of warm lemon water before breakfast. It’s a good way to get some Vitamin C into your diet and supposedly helps rehydrate the body after a night’s sleep. Lots of nutrition and wellness sites advocate dozens of reasons for drinking it but as usual, not a huge amount of scientific evidence to support it. Still, it tastes good and helps gently wake me up.

Of course, all of the above is made easier because (a) I’m naturally a morning person and (b) I don’t have kids! I’m quite disciplined about keeping to my routine as it helps keep me motivated, especially if I don’t have any work on.

So, if you’re feeling stressed or a little whacked out, I’d hugely recommend all or some of the above. Getting a good nights sleep followed by a nourishing morning ritual will help set you up for the day!

Disclaimer. Come the weekends, my lemon water is replaced with coffee 😉

Here are some great (and free) online guided meditation classes I would highly recommend: